Ancient Voyager Book 2: Mental Poisoning

  This is the story of four students whose education is interrupted by an education. It is a journey through time space and mind where they learn not only about the world but themselves.

  We come into this world so weak and undeveloped that we can't even hold our own heads up and with a brain so complicated it will not finish growing for another 25 years. With these meager resources we must face a very hostile world we know nothing about while having not the slightest idea of why we are here in the first place.

  But our primary problem is not the hostile environment, it is the fact that we do not understand how we work, or even what we are.

  How would you feel if you found out someone had programmed your brain so it could not work properly? How would you feel if you found out it was you? It turns out that there is a vast potential residing within everyone they do not know is there.

  This books explains how we turn away from that path, how our minds are hijacked, and why the world is so screwed up.


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