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List of Excuses
For Not Taking Yoga Classes

#1. I donít have time!

  If you take yoga you will have more time than you do now.  You will get more done and you will enjoy life more.  Time, as they say, is relative.  In one sense we all have just as many hours as everyone else.  It turns out, however, that all of these hours are not of equal quality nor are they equally productive.

  From a scientific point of view, the only practical way to evaluate your day and hours is not by how long they were but rather in terms of what you accomplished and the quality of those experiences.  It is not how long it takes that matters, it is what you got done!

  Suppose you have three hours to invest in your life each day after work.  What good are those hours if you are too tired to do much of anything or in too much pain to enjoy it in any event?

 Any properly constituted fitness program (not just Yoga) is going to energize your system.  The practical result of this is that you will get more done in less time; that you will be able to work and play longer.  You will be able to stay up later because you will sleep better.  In general a good fitness program will add 10 to 12 hours of useful time to your week and years to your life.

#2. Yoga Costs Too Much!

  People who think nothing of paying $6 for a cup of coffee at StarBucks or Tim Hortons and spend hundreds of dollars every month on junk food often blanch at the idea paying $5 for a yoga class. Unfortunately, these people need to take a look at their priorities.

  To maintain maximum vitality and health you should engage in some kind of vigorous exercise for at least 20 minutes, 3 times a week.  These sessions do not necessarily all have to be yoga but it is imperative that you do something.

  For most of us, our most compelling immediate need is to get over the idea that yoga is optional and make some space for ourselves to do something about it.  In our culture and society we are all subjected to terrific stresses and a very unhealthy environment.  All of this takes a terrible toll on our bodies and minds.  Eventually this affects our lives adversely in many different ways.

  No one else can reverse this damage for you.   No one else can improve your condition, but we can help.  If you cannot set aside a couple of hours a week to take care of yourself, something is desperately wrong with your priorities.  If you do set aside this time, we guarantee that you will see an improvement in the quality of your life.  Moreover, it is almost certain that the savings in medical expenses over the years will far outweigh the cost of our classes.

#3. Yoga is Too Hard!

  If years of training on junk food and too little activity have left you in an unhealthy state this condition is not going to be reversed without some effort on your part.

  On the other hand, joint-smashing gut-busting cardio routines are not a particularly good solution to the problem. Yoga is an extremely low impact and highly efficient form of exercise.  It gives more overall "bang" for your fitness "buck," that is, for a much smaller investment of your time and effort you achieve much greater and more all-inclusive results in both the short and long run.

  The no pain, no gain slogan, which is heard so often in gymnasiums, is something which is half true. In other words, it is worst kind of truth. Yes some effort will be required on your part. You will have to develop strength and flexibility but you will never be asked to do anything which hurts or to engage in any kind of misery.

#4. Yoga is Just Stretching!

  Yoga is a very sophisticated energy management system.  There are 16 kinds of yoga and all of them involve a lot more than just limbering up the body.  The moves and postures we practice at the Yoga Center improve your flexibility but they will also increase your strength, improve your balance, increase mental acuity and help you to sleep better at night.  Yoga is also likely to lower your blood pressure and help you lose weight.  It generally adds many healthy years to people's lives.

#5. Yoga is For Sissies!

  All of the martial arts and traditional Chinese medicine had their roots in yoga.  There is no one so strong that they will be unable to benefit from it.  Yoga is the oldest of the eastern energy management disciplines and the de facto parent of all the others.  It remains, thousands of years later, an excellent foundation or addition to any form of physical or mental activity.

#6. One Excuse is as Good as Another!

  One excuse really is as good as another; however, our lives will not change until we start doing things differently. This always requires effort and commitment but the bottom line is that there is a real world payoff in doing yoga.

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