Setting up YogaBetsy Classes at Your Workplace


Exercise Room: There must be a room at the facility suitable for holding a class. This should be 20 feet square or larger and reasonably free of distractions such as loud noises or unseemly temperatures. There must be a lavatory or other facility nearby where it is possible to change clothes.

Supplies: Any special supplies will be provided by YogaBetsy. This will include yoga mats, blocks, etc.

Clothing: No special clothing is required for a yoga class. Regular sweat pants or shorts are generally used but any loose fitting clothing is adequate. It is very unusual for people to require showers after a yoga session.

Class Spacing and Duration: Classes will be held at least twice a week. The minimum class length is 30 minutes. Forty five minute sessions would be more beneficial and an hour better still but a 30 minute session which occurs is more useful than a longer session which does not. There is no difference in price between the two options. Classes are typically done before work, during lunch hour and after work.

Costs: Our classes are taught in blocks of ten classes, each block costs $1000. This is to be paid by the company or its insurance carrier in advance. So, if 20 people come to the class that works out at $5 per person, per class session. If 10 people come it works out to $10 per class for each person.

Bottom line: One block of ten classes for 20 people costs $1000. We provide the instructor(s), mats, blocks etc. You provide the room. (Note: These prices apply to the Olean Area only.)

We do not do demonstrations. Anyone can walk into the YogaBetsy Yoga Center and take a regularly scheduled class. The first class is free. After that it is $100 for a block of ten classes. (These classes are 1-1/2 hours in duration.)

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